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News HCClans | Gangs Map 1 6 days ago

Gangs Map 1

Hello we are happy to announce our new HCF gamemode named "Gangs" are going to be releasing this

Saturday at 1pm est! 

Map Information

Map Kit: P2 / S2 (Custom Enchants)

Faction Size: 5 Man 

Allies: 1 Ally

Blocking Up In Combat: Enabled

Ability Items: Enabled

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Kitmap Beta SOTW 10 days ago

HCClans Kitmap (Beta)

Hello and I am proud to announce that we are going to be releasing our new gamemode (Kitmap) at Sunday 1PM  EST.

Keep in mind that this is an beta and our first ever release for Kitmap so there may be bugs. If you find any bugs please report them 

in the discord or an Owner.

Beta Map Information

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News HCClans | HCF Map 9 SOTW about 1 month ago


HCClans HCF Map 9


     Map Kit: P2/S2 (Custom Enchants)

                                                     Blocking Up:

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Announcement ● MAP 6 SOTW ● about 1 month ago

● MAP 6 SOTW ●

SOTW Is this saturday 1pm EST


Mapkit: S1/P1

F-Size: 2Man

Allies: 1

Style: OP

Reclaims: Enabled


See you there...


Connect with:

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Announcement -=- Announcement #1 -=- 3 months ago



New IP Adress:


new store link:


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